Prophecies for 2013

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Prophecies for 2013

We thank God for bringing us into this New Year.
1. It is a year of GREATNESS.
2. It is a year of new Opportunities.
3. It is a good year because I, the LORD, I never change. I always bring you your grains in its season, there will be no more delay.
4. It is a MIGHTY YEAR, but it is a year of many victories. There can be no victory without a war.
5. Be ready to fight the good fight of faith. Psalm 144:1. It is only those who are prayerful who will be victorious.
6. You can rest assured you are more than a conqueror, sharpen yourself for the battle.
7. This year there shall be no loss, no regret in Jesus name.
8. Do not allow anything to shake your faith this year, I the LORD, remain the same I change not.
9. It is a year of DOUBLE DIGITS, double opportunities, open door, double blessings, twins etc.
10. The church needs to awake out of its slumber.
11. This year, the righteous will flourish like a PALM TREE.
12. A year of the LORD’S vengeance over our enemies
– Joel 2:18-21
13. This is a year of divine visions Isaiah 6:1. A year of seeing potential that were there and were being hindered. This year LIMITATIONS are taken away.
14. This a year of FULFILMENT OF DESIRES- Solomon got a blank ticket for his heart desires to be fulfilled.
15. This is a year of ABUNDANCE.
16. It is a year of MULTIPLE INCOME.
17. It is a year of great spiritual outpouring.
18. Haggai 2:6 – The LORD will shake out wickedness in every area of our lives, in Jesus name.

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