7 Ddays prayer and fasting to arrest every adversary against my open door

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7 Ddays prayer and fasting to arrest every adversary against my open door

Daughters of Destiny Fellowship has declared 7 days urgent fasting and prayer from Wednesday, 20th March to Tuesday 26th March, 2013.
These are the prayer points:
1. Oh Lord, I thank you for the new door of lifting you have opened for me, my family and for Daughters of Destiny; I thank you in Jesus name.
2. 1 Cor. 16: 9. Every adversary against my open door, the open doors of Daughters of Destiny be destroyed in Jesus name.
3. Every evil monitoring eyes assigned from the pit of hell assigned against my life’s, destiny’s, family’s and DOD’s breakthrough be blinded in Jesus name.
4. Every Herod that is after my/ DOD’s vision and breakthrough, you are a liar, I command you to be destroyed in Jesus name.
5. Oh Lord arise, like a mighty man of war, defend my breakthrough and lifting in Jesus name. Amen.
6. Every protesting power gathered against my life, my family and DOD be silent in Jesus name.
7. Every ungodly altar raised for my life, my family & DOD be roasted by fire in the name of Jesus.
8. Every spiritual & physical armed robbers planned against DOD and members, you are a liar, you will not succeed in Jesus name.
9. Every spiritual or physical hired killers against DOD and members, you’ll die by your own sword in Jesus name.
10. Every battle after the successful conference, you will not prosper, scatter in the name of Jesus.
11. It is written that, whoever digs a pit will fall inside, everyone planning evil against DOD & members, let your evil catch up with you in Jesus name.
12. Every power planning to cause confusion, panic & disturbance in DOD, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
13. We prophesy that every glory & blessings we have received will manifest in Jesus name.
14. We decree and declare that we will live and not die, every covenant of death over my life has been annulled in Jesus name.
15. This year and beyond in DOD from the Set woman, Leaders and Members with our families, there shall be no loss in Jesus name.
16. PRAYER FOR NIGERIA: I got a revelation of a STORM hitting parts of Nigeria, Oh Lord blow away every storm that is about to hit Nigeria especially Lagos and the Coastal states in Jesus name. Father, let the storm be redirected into the ocean.
17. In Jesus name, there will be no deaths or destruction
18. There was also a revelation of an air raid, Father we come against every evil from the North in Jesus name. We decree every evil plane carrying bombs against Nigerians, crash in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, according to your Word in John 6: 53, I receive a new lease of life in the name of Jesus. According to John 6: 56, I and my family and all we own, dwell in you and our lives are hid in Christ and Christ is hid in God so we have divine cover against kidnapper, hired killers, armed robbers, road accidents, fire outbreaks and every form of attack in Jesus name.

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